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There are multiple important factors when selecting a day care center. You’ll want your little one to get special attention and proper treatment during the early child education phase. From a young age, children pick up on many details, such as sharing and talking. At Our Children 24 Hour Daycare & Learning Center, our staff fulfills your requirements for a friendly and clean facility.

Our child care learning center adheres to all health and safety guidelines. We make sure each child receives the undivided attention they deserve. Lastly, our day care staff teaches a variety of developmentally-appropriate activities throughout the day to strengthen their knowledge and fill their curious minds. Entertainment through education will make them more independent and ready for school. And even once they are in school, we offer a preschool for continued learning and overnight boarding.

At a young age, children begin to figure the little things out, such as socializing and cooperating with other children. At Our Children 24 Hour Daycare & Learning Center in Beaufort, SC, you can trust us to give your child excellent attention and education for kindergarten readiness. We believe all children are precious gifts and we treat them as though they are our own at our day and night care center.

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